New Xmas Cards designed for the Irish online Casino Industry

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Christmas is that time of the year you show your friends how much they mean to you. You send them carefully selected, well worded, and designed cards that reflect their career. Amusing or modest cards that show their hobbies such as gambling is a great idea. Sometimes, obtaining what you are looking for might be difficult. In that case, you might consider designing one for your friends and family. This article talks about how Cartoline is designing a Christmas card for staff members at the Irish online casino and some useful DIY tips.

Cartoline Is Designing Christmas Cards for Irish Online Casino Staff Members

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Cards that will last longer are those we create with love and thoughtfulness and send to our friends. Thanks to technology, creating Christmas cards have become more straightforward. You can now design e-cards with software or platforms in no time and send them to your friends with the click of your computer mouse or tap of your phone.

That’s why Cartoline is expertly and beautifully designing gambling theme-based cards for Irish Online Casino staff members, because of how valuable they are to it. You might guess that sending paper made cards isn’t cool, but your friends will cherish them more if you create them yourself. If you wonder how to create Christmas cards for your friends and family, then learn what you need to know below.

DIY Christmas Card Designs Ideas

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Creating a Christmas card for staff members at the Irish online casino involves designing the paper, choosing the images, and creating the words to go with each design. Casino card design ideas include casino ornaments cards, casino Santa cards, personalized cards, gambling icons, and casino snowflakes. These specially designed cards will be featured at the offices of the online casino news site as the Irish teams will be sending them over as an effort to decorate their offices in time for the festive season. We are pretty sure that will feature these decorations on their website once everything is in place. Their URL is should you wish to follow this further.

Other kinds of cards are casino reindeer cards, casino Christmas lights and trees, casino candy, and casino happy holiday cards. To do it yourself, you will need coloring pencils, scissors, a pen, a pencil, and pop-ups.

Steps to Design a Christmas Card

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The size of the card you want to make determines the size of the paper you will use. Start by folding the paper in half. Also, cut out a casino slots machine image or gambler icons and leave 3 cm on the folded part. Increase the margin if you need to make a larger card.

Depending on the design you are making, sketch, or color the paper as you want. Obtain a straight pop up cards and coat it and fold the paper in two. Cut two equal lines of the same length, starting at the folded side at 90 degrees to the card’s edge. Fold up the remaining part till it can’t go any further, then restore the paper to its former state.

Open the paper and push the flap over and close it, but ensure the flap is on the card’s side that people see when they open it. Also, fix the casino picture or slot machine image unto the flap or write special blessings or messages to Irish online casino staff members, your family, or friends. Finally, gum another paper on the outer part of the pop up to prevent any large gaps showing in the front of the card.